"Green Corporate Architecture" through our integrated planning & design

What we are looking for:
We are looking for Canadian and International clients who wish to build office buildings or supermarkets of the "next generation" for own or for third use.
Especially for Corporates and other clients, whose CSR build on sustainability, healthy working conditions and a commitment to environmental protection, we can develop green future-oriented, still cost effective & bankable buildings.
We would like to work with passionate Canadian and International Clients/Corporates, but also with passionated colleagues passionated.

What we offer:
Our clients benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in architecture with integarted enery design and general planning of small and large sustainable office buildings, as well as green future-oriented supermarkets. We focus on people, the quality of the work space, comfort, architectural quality, sustainability, profitability and the environment. Our design work “cultivate“ and incorporate innovative green technologies and renewable solutions. Abroad we advise our clients particularly in the crucial concept design phase, where fundamental decisions for a sustainable and cost effective design are made. In the subsequent Developed Design Phase and the Implementation/Technical Design phase we work closely intergarl together with local partners & colleagues. In this way our clients benefit optimally. Our Architecture is not only functional, flexible and architectural sofisticated, but sustainable, economical in construction and over the life cycle as well. We ensure a healthy work environment, comfort and well-being for the benefit of employees and employers. Within our integrated design planning, we combine architecture and engineering to a coordinated holistic unit. The educational back ground, experience and passion of Juergen Koch as a architect and german Diplom-Engineer (Architect, Dipl.-Ing.) enables holistic solutions that take technical requirements of modern buildings into account already during the concept design phase. As the results of our work wise our realized award winning projects, demonstrate that sustainable and pioneering architecture doesn´t need to be more expensive than conventional structures. Our clients receive a "Green Business Card“ through sustainable & profitable architecture".


Mr Juergen Koch
Architect, Dipl.-Ing. (RWTH-Aachen) - RIBA, ARB, VDI

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