Big Ass Fans & Lights - Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and LED lighting Systems

What we are looking for:
We are looking to develop partnerships with architects, engineers, and designers interested in learning about how Big Ass products can provide a variety of solutions - such as thermal comfort and cooling, productivity, and energy savings within the built environment.

We also provide full support for all of the energy rebate programs available across Canada.

- Set up a lunch and learn and earn Continuing Education Credits or book an office visit with a product specialist.

Big Ass Fans® has more than 40 LEED accredited design team members on staff ready to assist you during any stage of the design process – from initial designs to final installation. We can help you simplify your project.

We’ll show you why Big Ass Fans have No Equal®.

What we offer:
Our…ahem…provocative name originated with our original product: massive overhead fans that brought comfort and energy savings to large industrial and agricultural buildings. Today, though, Big Ass Solutions® is much more than industrial—and much more than Big Ass Fans®. We make fans, lights, controls and innovative solutions of all sorts.

Big Ass® means using quality, form and function to solve problems in the built environment. We have more than 75 degreed engineers and the world’s only R&D facility (LEED® Gold facility) dedicated to testing air movement.

We have an insatiable drive to improve, engineer, design, test, re-engineer, re-design and re-test until we get it just right! We don’t do things half-ass; we always go Big Ass®. And that’s precisely why there’s No Equal®.


Mr Max Beaumont
Outside AE Specialist

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