Building Automation Systems, HVAC & Energy Services Solution Provider

What we are looking for:
We are looking to provide solutions for
building owners & managers in the following sectors:
- Commercial Office Buildings
- Institutional (hospitals, water treatment, government)
- Industrial (manufacturing)
- Hospitalilty (hotels, entertainment / sporting venues)
- Retail (shopping malls, big box stores, national chains)
- Transportation (airports, bus / train terminals)
- Multi-tenant Residential (Condominiums, Apartments)

We are also looking for partners to collaborate with to offer our customers best in class solutions
- Equipment
- Technology
- Internet of Things / Cloud base services

What we offer:
Building Automation Systems Solutions:
- Open protocol web based BAS
- Optimized Chiller Plant Controls
- Integrated Energy Management
- Planned Maintenance Programs
- Remote BAS 24/7/365 Monitoring & Support
- Building Analytics
- Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Partner

HVAC Solutions:
- Retrofit and Replacement
- Chiller Solutions
- Continuous Commissioning
- Planned Maintenance Programs
- Rooftop Units
- Boiler Maintenance and Upgrades
- Coil Cleaning and Replacement
- Condensing Units
- Cooling Towers
- Fans, Pumps and Motors
- Variable Frequency Drives
- Infrared and Unit Heaters

Energy Services Solutions:
- Facility Audits and Energy Studies
- Energy Efficiency Improvements
- Incentive Applications
- Retro-commissioning
- Measurement and Verification
- Design-Build


Paul Marubashi
Sales Executive

Mr Howard Lu
Building Automation Sales Representative

Mr Jason Poirier
Energy Engineer

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