HVAC, Integrated Systems and Controls

What we are looking for:
Target B2B partners: building owners, building managers – commercial, institutional; sustainability directors, energy managers, energy consultants, specifiers.
We are interested in presenting our solutions for large building projects that are at the early design stages. AFT promotes a market-driven approach to achieving environmental benefits by showing the building sector how to overcome the long-standing misperception of superior performance being attainable only at higher cost.

What we offer:
HVAC, integrated systems and energy management systems. Our products push energy efficiency in heating and cooling systems as well as fluid management (primarily water) to new levels previously deemed unattainable – substantially driving down both building peak power demand as well as aggregate energy usage and carbon emissions (up to 75%). Controls and Automation: Water- and air-cooled chiller plant control systems, pumping control systems. Packaged systems: fluid management systems, boiler and chiller plant packages. Commercial pumps: vertical in-line, split-coupled, close-coupled, dualarm, twin pumps. Light commercial and residential pumps, including wet-rotor and dry-rotor design. Heat exchangers and tank heaters. Water boosters. Fire pumps and fire packages.


Ms Margaret Logan
Senior Project Manager

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