Eco Friendly building structures

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:
1- Entrepreneurs willing to operate manufacturing plants
2- Contractors in construction that embrace the new technology and the energy efficiency
3- Investors that understand the importance of our mission
4- Commercial and residential clients that want peace of mind and durability

What we offer:
ATA POP Homes builds kit homes and commercial buildings as well as turn key projects for those who want to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint. Our building technique offers an increase in savings of 60 to 90 percent over the national building code and is nearly at par with the construction industry. We use conventional and innovative materials such as R10 quad pane windows, WRAP membrane (Water Radon Absolute Protection), Roxul insulation, Neopor insulation technology and more. Our ventilation system is healthy, environmentally friendly and helps purify, heat, cool and dehumidify the homes. Overall we offer comfort, convenience and practicality that is sustainable. Build anywhere and everywhere and live in harmony with nature.


Mr Paul Girard
President and CEO

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