Client Engagement + Partnering Driver for resilient & sustainable results

What we are looking for:
Stantec is looking to create partnerships with clients, contractors, utilities, agencies, product manufacturers and other consultants that contribute to a more resilient and sustainable future !

What we offer:
Stantec offers sustainable architecture, engineering, energy and other environmental services to create integrated solutions for government, healthcare, education, commercial, aviation, research/science & tech and industrial users for infrastructure and buildings and have delivered NET ZERO hospitals, commercial, municipal and post secondary facilities.
Our use of Envision, LEED and BOMA Best tools provides the lens for helping clients navigate their sustainability roadmap and our policy, programs and consulting can help structure their CSR platform.
Alternative energy solutions like geothermal , combined heat and power, biomass, solar, wind can create off grid solutions to help lower energy costs, removes the risk of rising energy costs, reduces GHG emissions, can be retroffited to existing buildings and is the right thing to do!


Terri Robinson
Director, Client Development

Mr Matthew Cable
Consulting Lead Energy & Sustainability
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