Sustainable Architecture

What we are looking for:
An architect of sustainable new build and renovation /retrofit solutions, looking to meet with business leaders who would like to make their businesses more healthy, affordable, and energy-productive.

What we offer:
SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building adheres to core principles of energy-efficiency, health, and cost-effectiveness. Based on each client’s appetite for sustainability, we will incorporate the strategies that work best for their unique design requirements. Embedding these strategies into our way of thinking reduces our reliance on out-of-date, inefficient, techno-centric construction practices and lays the foundation for culturally-sensitive, economically-viable, and truly sustainable architecture.

Our list of strategies is by no means finite — we are always learning, and always looking for ways to improve the performance, health, and cost-effectiveness of our buildings. This approach allows us to remain ahead of the curve, on the forefront of sustainable architectural design.


Mr Paul Dowsett
Principal Architect

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