Energy Profiles Limited

What we are looking for:
Organizations looking to improve sustainability and energy data management, and for ways to drive down energy and resource use.

What we offer:
Energy, Water, Waste, and GHG performance are key metrics in sustainability management, and are increasingly a proxy for good management. The data can be overwhelming – providing your teams with the tools and insights needed to drive down energy use, manage utility costs and report on key sustainability metrics is vital.

Bring Clarity to Your Use of Energy and Resources: Energy Profiles Limited (EPL) provides custom Energy Management Information Systems and Reporting for an aggregate commercial portfolio in excess of 5,000 properties and $800 million in annual utility costs. These tools support and engage the gamut of real estate stakeholders – from property and operations teams, occupants/tenants, accounting personnel, to senior management.

Optimize Decision Making and Reporting – Conquer the Sustainability Data Beast: EPL’s tools are used by the #1 GRESB Global Sector Leader in the Private, Diversified category.

Pursue Ever-Improving Performance: Capitalize on advanced analytics and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) approaches to drive performance to new levels.


Mr Adrien Deveau
Vice President & Principal

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