Creating places for people

What we are looking for:
We are now expanding our thinking beyond environmental sustainability to provide a path to liveable cities, and we are working to engage the hearts and minds of average Australians and create demand for a new way of living.

As part of an international community, we understand we must engage with people beyond our own shores. We are always on the hunt for new partnerships, new ideas, new connections that can help us achieve our mission.

What we offer:
Over the last 14 years, the GBCA has had a powerful impact on how the Australian property sector thinks, designs, develops, operates and communicates about the buildings and communities in which we live, work, learn, shop, heal and interact.

Those impacts cannot be overestimated. We now have 1,060 Green Star projects equivalent to 14 million sqm of building and precinct space. 30% of Australia’s CBD office space is Green Star certified, and more than half a million people work in Green Star-rated offices.

The environmental impact of our built environment is also impressive. Green Star buildings consume:
• 62% fewer greenhouse gas emissions
• 66% less energy
• 51% less water.


Ms Romilly Madew
Chief Executive Officer

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