District Energy

What we offer:
Enwave Energy Corporation is one of the largest providers of outsourced heating and air conditioning in North America. Established over 25 years ago as a non-profit cooperative, the company today provides competitive, efficient and environmentally responsible cooling and heating to buildings in Toronto and Windsor.

Enwave offers its customers several advantages over traditional systems of supply, chief among them:

- No need for major capital investments
- Greater rate stability and predictability
- Massively reduced risk of interruption and downtime
- Reduced facility management requirements
- Cost savings in space, maintenance and labour
- Increased profitability

As a business unit of Enwave , Enwave Energy Services supplies heating, cooling and energy supply options and services to businesses and institutions in Toronto’s central business district. We offer a cost-competitive, cleaner and greener alternative to heating and cooling buildings currently using in-house boilers and chillers. Enwave Energy Services offers the following to its clients to improve equipment reliability, enhance energy efficiency and lower operating costs.


Mr Peter Harasti
Director, Customer Energy Services

Mr Mark Quattrociocchi
Account Representative, Customer Energy Services, LEED Green Associate
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