Energy Optimization System (EOS) Cost Reduction Solution

What we are looking for:
We are looking for interested in large, complex facilities like offices, airports, healthcare etc. and other dynamic facilities. Customers who regularly spend $1M or more annually on energy see maximum savings and highest value consistently with EOS.

We are also looking for channel partners who can work with us bringing this innovative solution to the US and European markets.

SHIFT has locations in Chicago, Saint John, and Toronto, along with top-tier industry partners servicing North America.

What we offer:
A software-based automated energy efficiency solution, EOS makes multiple small changes via your building automation system (BAS) on a continuous basis. These changes add up to significant savings – up to 25% off your energy bills, without the expense of additional capital investment.

Automated approaches in EOS ensure the shortest payback and most dependable savings persistence month after month. With EOS you can:

• Go beyond what’s humanly possible; EOS creates new avenues to save previously inaccessible
• Use with any vendor's systems; BAS-agnostic
• Optimize your entire building including lighting, heating, cooling, etc.
• Take advantage of utility rates with built-in M&V saving you significant budget dollars
• Improve occupancy comfort
• Gain certifications points for BOMA and LEED.


Mr Alisdair McLean
VP of Business Development

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