Interested to do business in China? Canadian Embassy's Trade Commissioners can help you

What we are looking for:
If you are part of the Canadian business community, and contribute to Canada's economic growth, have a demonstrated capacity for internationalization and have good potential to add value to the Canadian economy, you can benefit from our free services.

Meaningful economic ties include maintaining established offices, a subsidiary, a plant, a research and development establishment or a joint venture in Canada. A capacity for internationalization is reflected in having researched foreign markets, dedicated human and financial resources, and having a business plan. Increased economic activity benefitting Canada could be increased exports of Canadian-made products or services, technology transfer, new job creation, increased research and development activity or increased production in Canada.

What we offer:
TCS services are offered free of charge to Canadian client companies and organizations. We can help you successfully navigate the complexities of international markets, whether you're looking to export, establish your company abroad, tackle a market access issue, pursue a joint-venture or strategic alliance, participate in global value chain, or seek technology and R&D partnerships.


Ms Cassie Cai
Trade Commissioner, Construction and Forestry
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