Caesar porcelain tile

What we are looking for:
Caesar is constantly looking for new partnership and to enlarge its reach to service customers that are interested in using porcelain tile environmentally friendly for commercial venues and residential

What we offer:
Caesar porcelain stoneware for floor and wall cladding is a ceramic product obtained using selected raw materials (such as quartz, kaolin, feldspar and clay) via a production process including the firing of ceramic slabs in 100 meter long kilns, where the tiles reach a temperature of 1250°C, in order to achieve the suitable vitrification of the mix that makes the product totally inabsorbent, resistant to abrasion and extremely durable.
The excellent resistance properties combined with the aesthetic appeal of the product have contributed to the success of Caesar ceramic tiles internationally, so much so to make this product the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding.


Mr Francesco Messori
sales manager
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