Why Ontario, Canada

What we are looking for:
We are seeking international companies interested in establishing a presence in Ontario, or learning more about the fast-growing Ontario market for green building.

If your company is established in another province of Canada, we can help you to expand into the Ontario market.

And if you're already in Ontario, we can tell you about the assistance programs that area available in your area of the province.

What we offer:
If you have set your sights on expanding your company, we can provide you with information on the Ontario green build market, and how to start your business here.

Ontario has seen a fast-expanding market for green building products and technologies, with government policy and programs supporting this growth. As a consequence, over 1000 projects in Ontario have attained LEED certification, 66 of these at the Platinum level.

We can provide you with information on the Ontario and Canadian green build markets, as well as how to establish a business in Ontario. You'll find the talent you need in Ontario, home to one of the world's most highly educated, skilled and reliable workforces.

Let us help you to become established in the fast-growing Ontario green build market.


Mr Adrian Bradford
Senior Business Development Specialist

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