QMC - Building Intelligence with Submetering Solutions

What we offer:
QMC provides turnkey submetering systems for commercial, institutional and multi-residential properties across Canada. This includes the supply of electricity, gas, water and thermal energy meters; meter testing and sealing; field services; project management and meter data collection, reporting and billing.

QMC works with dozens of meter manufacturers to find the best metering solution for its clients and we always aim to provide open-protocol, non-proprietary systems, so our customers’ meter data can be used to its fullest extent. QMC has meter labs in Vancouver and Toronto and support offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal.

Submetering delivers two important benefits. The first is the submetering for residential and commercial tenant utility usage – precise analysis of use ensures accurate billing and the ability for tenants to monitor their own usage and put consumption reduction strategies into place. The second benefit is achieving LEED or other energy retrofit requirements to save money within a property and reduce overall building utility usage.


Mr Mike Easton
Vice President
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