Daylighting Consultant

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:

- Owners and Organizations seeking help with optimizing daylighting and views in their proposed or existing building(s). We can provide studies, design and analysis, recommendations for shading systems + controls and new technology evaluation.

- Architects and Engineering firms who would like assistance with daylighting design, accurate daylight building modeling, lighting controls engineering, energy analysis and or LEED documentation on a project basis.

- Manufacturers of windows, skylights and/or shading systems needing assistance with daylight modeling in support of their projects and proposals.

- Organizations seeking to promote daylighting for its health benefits and energy savings potential.

- Institutions seeking educators for daylighting.

What we offer:
- Daylighting design and building modeling
- Engineering of lighting controls and integration of electric and natural light, electrical energy use calculations
- Evaluation of daylighting potential for proposed and existing buildings
- Design application of optimal shading systems
- LEED daylighting credit documentation and design assistance in obtaining credits
- Lighting Education

Good daylight building models can accurately predict light levels and inform optimal window sizing, glazing selection and design of envelope and atria. Glare assessment insures optimal shading systems and informs equipment selection.

Harold is a Professional Engineer with over 25 years experience in architectural lighting design.
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Mr Harold Murray

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