Economic Fenestration Improvement Products

What we are looking for:
Given the energy savings we are looking for those projects that are improving building envelope and seeking LEED EBOM and BOMA BEST as well as lowering the Energy Star score as we move to benchmarking and ISO 50001 standard.
Magnetite is used by ESCO's for major savings at lower costs. Looking for all contacts from across Canada with projects that can provide more contractors who can be trained and added to our network of over 2000 contractors available to provide the proper installation .

What we offer:
VP Business Development has over 20 years of capital project experience with major corporations and Ontario Hydro and additional 20 years of sustainable resources management introducing products, programs and services to the global market place.
Introducing Magnetite Canada technology to the commercial and institutional building sector as a carbon reduction option. Improving existing single and double pane fenestration with Magnetite acrylic panes saves, energy, money and extends the life of existing fenestration and provided life cycle benefits avoiding disposal to land fill and the new energy needed to produce new products. Magnetite is also used by major environmental firms for its sound reduction capabilities for both privacy, improved productivity and living in quieter buildings.


Mr David Katz
VP Bus Dev

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