LiteZone™ - a breakthrough in insulating glass technology

What we are looking for:
• Builders, contractors, designers and consultants to specify window and curtain wall systems using LiteZone™ insulating glass;
• Glazing contractors, window and curtain wall manufacturers to develop and/or offer systems using LiteZone™ insulating glass to achieve the remarkable performance values and longevity that LiteZone™ makes possible;
• Building and home owners that wish to replace old insulating glass in existing windows with LiteZone™ for increased insulating value and higher comfort;
• Commercial building owners that wish to renew and upgrade the insulating value of their existing curtain walls by using adapters with extended thermal breaks and thicker LiteZone™ insulating glass (existing R2 can be increased to R12 including glass and frame).

What we offer:
LiteZone™ is a new insulating glass technology that makes R17 windows real (including glass and frame). By varying the number of suspended films, the number of low-e coats and the glass unit thickness, LiteZone™ can achieve up to R19.6 centre of glass. Thicker LiteZone™ glass units allow much larger thermal breaks necessary to achieve very high overall window insulating values. LiteZone™ is air filled and has a proprietary system to equalize pressure between the inside and outside of the unit while keeping water vapour out. The expected life of LiteZone™ is more than 60 years. Weighing less than triple pane, LiteZone’s™ performance and other advantages provide design flexibility to use large windows and generous glass areas while satisfying code requirements.


Mr Greg Clarahan
President and CEO
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