Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters

What we are looking for:
We are interested in any architectural/design firm, building owner, property manager or institution seeking sustainable, green technologies that will not only improve occupant health and well-being, but also positively impact building performance. Our biofilters can provide significant cost savings for true return on investment, plus the fortunate by-product of a stunning aesthetic.

Nedlaw consults on every project in order to create a solution custom made for the building.

What we offer:
Improve Indoor Environments and Building Performance Using Nature's Technology

A Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilter is a working machine that harnesses nature’s remarkable ability to ‘eat’ pollutants. So in addition to positively affecting the light, sound, texture, and color of interior spaces, these living wall biofilters actually provide clean air – as clean as outdoor air.

Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters can replace fresh air intake to significantly reduce the energy costs associated with heating and cooling of air being brought into a building. Because they improve air quality, Nedlaw biofilters add more LEED® points than any other green wall.

These biofilters are available as free standing and fully integrated (building HVAC integration).


Mr Randy Walden

Mr Alan Darlington
Senior VP, IP and Business Development
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