Sustainability Consulting in Ontario (Fluent Group)

What we are looking for:
We are looking to expand our business network by meeting with developers, architects, and engineers to discuss our services. Specifically, we would like the opportunity to work on projects that have ambitious sustainability and energy targets, including Living Building Challenge, Net Zero Energy, LEED, WELL, TGS Tier II, etc.

We would also be pleased to speak to members of the industry with clients that are hesitant about pursuing green building measures, to offer guidance, feasibility studies, and recommendations on project-specific goals.

What we offer:
We are an established green building consulting firm in Southern Ontario, specializing in LEED and Energy consulting. With a strong engineering background, we focus on the technical details of sustainability and energy efficiency, while providing a consistent and effective LEED project management service. Our broad experience results in Fluent projects being among the quickest to go through the LEED certification process, and several of our projects have achieved a certification level higher than originally pursued. We also have a great deal of experience with other green building systems, including Toronto Green Standard Tiers I and II, Green Globes, Net Zero energy, etc.


Mr Grant Peters

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