LiveRoof Prevegetated Modular Green Roof Systems

What we are looking for:
We want to establish relationships with leading roofing membrane manufacturers and accessories suppliers in the roofing industry to provide our clients with as broad a selection of product combinations as possible.

We seek relationships with leading consultants in architecture, engineering, landscape architecture and roofing and building envelope consulting to bring joint design solutions to client projects.

What we offer:
LiveRoof is the leading manufacturer and supplier of modular vegetated roof systems in Canada.

LiveRoof's growers provide regional horticultural expertise and excellence in vegetated roof design across Canada. The products are simple to use in design, specification and installation. The representatives provide the client with innovative products and solutions to meet project challenges.

One such innovative approach, the RoofBlue Riser, can be combined with all LiveRoof systems and allows for increased stormwater control in case of extreme weather events in a simple and straight forward manner

LiveRoof's products are rated in accordance to the testing requirements of the Canadian wind uplift test standard for modular green roof systems CSA A123.24-15.


Mr Kees Govers
Sales Manager

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