Project Collaboration and Information Solutions

What we are looking for:
We work with organizations, or departments within organizations, where the day to day activities are project based. That is, their work typically has a start and end, and requires active management of tasks that result in a hand-off of information. These may include:
• Architecture, Engineering & Construction firms
• Real Estate development and management
• Transactional/ order-based organizations & product manufacturers
• IT and Corporate Development departments

In general, DataBind’s Project Centric Solutions are geared toward firms with a need for: enhanced visibility of information, the dismantling of internal silos and better management of organizational knowledge.

What we offer:
DataBind’s Project Center knits together a project’s entire lifecycle; from lead through to delivery as well as financial management.

The solution provides easy navigation, a familiar working environment and overall visibility for the entire project team. It provides information the team needs - when they need it, and provides the ability to aggregate at team/department levels (i.e. “what are ‘we’ working on?) and personal(i.e., “what am ‘I’ working on?).

Key service features include:
• Collaboration and information sharing
• Document and Records management
• Enterprise search
• Process automation (electronic forms and workflows)
• Business intelligence and reporting (including KPIs and dashboards)
• Integrations with existing line of business systems (ERP, CRM, UC, etc.)


Mr Braden Kurczak
Director, Business Development
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