Wire Free Power Control

What we are looking for:
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• Government
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• Electrical Contractors
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What we offer:
The innovation GoConex delivers: Electrical switching without wire.

What sets GoConex apart:
• Every switch is wire-free and wireless
• Every switch is movable
• Switches are portable
• Control one or many loads in one or many rooms.
• Change what a switch controls as you choose.
• Works and looks like switches used today
• Save power with "master switches"
• Switch electricity up to a range of 250 feet.
• No networks, programming or systems.
• Competes with traditional switching methods.

What are the benefits:
• Move switches easily, there is no wire.
• Change what a switch controls to suit every user.
• 10 switches can control any electric load.
• Switches can be located where you choose.
• Locate a switch in your car, truck, boat, pocket or purse.
• Add a switch to existing electrical installations.
• Wire, boxes, connectors, and labor eliminated.
• Never cut drywall for switches again.
• Keep vapor barrier integrity.
• No electrical knowledge required

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Mr Marv Verlage
Vice President Sales & Marketing

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