ECOTHOR-6RD™ - A Chemical-Free, Cost-Effective Disinfection System

What we are looking for:
E2Metrix is seeking to identify potential partners and/or opportunities to support the large-scale introduction of ECOTHOR-6RD™ to the Canadian marketplace. With two commercial installations in Quebec, the process is prime for integration into new building installations or to be retrofitted into existing installations, giving its quick payback period, and its efficiency in conforming to green building principles.

What we offer:
ECOTHOR-6RD™ is a simple to operate, chemical-free, electrolysis-based solution to bacteria elimination (including legionella) in at-risk water circuits such as those for cooling towers, hotel & hospital hot water systems, spas and other mist-generating applications.
- Up to 65% reduction in capital cost
- vs chemical addition & filtration
- vs pulsed electromagnetic field
- 40-75% reduction in operating & maintenance costs achievable
- Large reduction in water consumption, while making available residual water for re-use.
- Reducing biofilm and scale formation
- Payback Period of < 1year possible.
- Remote monitoring available
- For new installations and retrofits


Mr Tom Whitton
Director, Business Development

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