Enershield Air Barriers

What we are looking for:
Enershield is looking for clients/consultants/engineers that are looking to provide a solution to outside air infiltration. Enershield can provide a solution to these problems based on the facility conditions. Please contact us so we can discuss any applications with you.

What we offer:
Enershield is a Canadian based company out of Edmonton, Alberta that manufactures energy saving Air Barriers that can create up to a 90% seal on door openings by re-circulating facility air.
Enershield technology dramatically reduces heat /air conditioning loss, saving you energy and money while greatly enhancing indoor comfort for both employees and clients. Enershield manufactures Air Barriers for applications as small as Drive-Thru windows to doors the size of Air Craft Hangars. Applications include: Pedestrian/Retail Doors, Shipping/Receiving Doors, Manufacturing/Industrial Doors and Coolers and Freezers. We can also provide an energy loss calculation showing what energy your facility is losing out the door as well as what we can save you based on the amount of time your door is opened.


Mr Dan Hallihan
National Sales Manager

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