PROLOGICA - Ana Cristina Jenkins - General Manager

What we are looking for:
We are looking at innovative and state of the art systems, materials and technologies to eventually represent them and can be integrated in our projects (buildings, smart cities, residential, etc.)

What we offer:
Prológica advises on various matters within its competence, within the legal and technical fields, such as:

• Technical - economic, financial, legal and environmental Feasibility Studies
• Legal Studies
• Information systems and related specialties.
• Preliminary Study and due diligence for projects
• Environmental studies
• Regulatory Plans, Regional, Urban and Coastal planning.
• Development of municipal cadastral
• Project management
• Topography
• Appraisals and home inspection
• Alternative solutions for waste water and solid waste.
• Energy efficient building systems
• Green urban high-tech equipment
• Legal services:
• Training workshops in municipal management and local development.
• Public participation
• Bid preparation, administrative contracting and analysis
• Preparation of technical and legal criteria or municipal legal advice in general
• Others

We also offer to our clients products of municipal and institutional interest, for public areas and urban development, such as:

• High efficiency building systems
• Street furniture
• Solar products
• Others


Ms Ana Cristina Jenkins
General Manager

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