Vertima - Certification of Product Eco-Declarations

What we are looking for:
We would be please to present the analysis protocol of Vertima Validated Eco-Declaration.

What are the challenges with LCA, EPD and HPD's.

How to interpret these new LEED v4 materials credits requirements!

How can we compare products!

We would like to meet manufacturers who are interrested by positionning their products for LEED v4 materials credits.

We offer to go through the list of LEED v4 Materials requirements and discuss with them about the opportunities on how Vertima, as a third party, can Validated their Eco-Declaration.

We can share our experience on how a manufacturer can take part and have a success with the Green Building industry.

What we offer:
Certification of Product Eco-Declarations

Vertima is an independent third party that audits and certifies Validated Eco-Declarations and develops Environmental Data Sheets for product manufacturers. To obtain a Validated Eco-Declaration from Vertima, the manufacturer must undergo a rigorous and transparent analysis process.

Vertima's Validated Eco-Declaration may contain analyses of the following elements, depending on the manufacturer's priorities:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Health Product Declaration® (HPD®)
Chemical composition declaration
Environmental attributes (recycled content, FSC, etc.)
Raw materials traceability

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, all the while helping you stay on top of your industry.


Ms Josée Lupien

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