Promotion of companies products and services for the sustainable building environment in Costa Rica and Central American Region

What we are looking for:
Partners for the services we provide. Partners to join our GBCCR and to participate in our annual International Sustainable Construccion Congress and GREEN EXPO: the most relevant and important in the region (performed each May). We are seeking products and services for cities, infrastructure, buildings which may be promoted through our platform. We are looking for alliances or partnerships to develop and or apply evaluating-rating systems, certification systems, educational courses, communicating sustainability. We are looking for financial entities which want to apply building standards to promote market transformation in the region.

What we offer:
Area of expertice: building standars development and implementacion and certificaction, education, promotion of companies and sustainable products and services
Type of product offered: Annual International Congress Platform (each May we offer an extraordinary international exchange also GREEN EXPO). Excellent network for interested parties EDGE certificaction for developers and financial institutions. SuRE standard implementation for infrastructure. STG implementation (trasnparecy in mangment of public or private building works). Education on LEED, EDGE and sustainable construction.
Advantages: our partners benefit from the knowledge and contacts we have of the market: we know the market, have the network the contact platform to penetrate building market sector. Products and services that provide LEED, EDGE or other certification advantage are promoted through our educational and certification services.


Ms Ana Quiros

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